CBA-CLE is the nonprofit educational arm of the

Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association.


How to Download e-PDF Books and Book Forms

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the forms for CBA-CLE ePDF publications. All of the forms are available on the ePDFs of our publications, which are accessible through your CLE Dashboard. Follow the instructions below to access the ePDFs and the  forms.

First, visit and log into your CLE Dashboard. If you do not know your login information, call (303) 860-0608 for assistance.

When you are in your CLE Dashboard, scroll down until you see “Dashboard-At-A-Glance.” Click on the “Books” tab.

You will see a list of all books you have purchased. Click on the book icon to open the PDF of the book in a new browser window. It may take quite some time, since the file is large.

When the book opens in a new window, click the download icon to save the book to your hard drive. (On a Mac, hover at the bottom of the PDF and click the down arrow in a circle or computer icon to download, or click the icon at the top right of the Safari window that looks like a down arrow.)

Once you have saved it to your hard drive, find the book on your hard drive and open it in Adobe. If you are using a different PDF reader, download Adobe for free at In Adobe, there is a little paperclip icon on the left side of your screen. On my screen, it is at the top of the panel, but sometimes it is at the bottom. Click on the little paperclip.

When you click the paperclip, the following screen will appear. NOTE: Because there are several attachments, it may take a few moments for anything to appear.

You can right click on any of the files to save them to your hard drive. You can also control + click on all the Word or WordPerfect files, then right click to save them.

Additionally, the attachments are accessible through any of the individual forms to which they are attached. For example, on JDF 915 (Letters), there are three paperclip icons across the top – one for the Word document, one for the WordPerfect document, and one for the PDF. Double click any of these and it will open. You will get a warning on the Word and WordPerfect forms; just click through this warning to open the file.