New Books

Evidence in Colorado - A Practical Guide, Second Edition (May 2019)

Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships in Colorado, 2019 Edition (May 2019)

Playing by the Rules: Winning with Evidence in Colorado Family Law Cases, Second Edition (May 2019)

Colorado Community Association Law: Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Homeowners Associations, Second Edition (April 2019)

Colorado Jury Instructions for Civil Trials, 2019 Edition (March 2019)

Liens and Claims in Colorado, Second Edition (February 2019)

Colorado Rules and C.R.S. of Evidence Annotated, Second Edition (January 2019)

The Green Book, 2018 Edition (December 2018)

C.R.S. on Family & Juvenile Law 2018 (November 2018

CRS Vehicle & Traffic-Title 42 and Common Code 2018 (November 2018)

Discovery in Colorado, 2018 Edition (October 2018)

Legal Terminology Dictionary - English/Spanish Spanish/English: A Bilingual Dictionary for Legal Transactions and Court Interpreting (October 2018)

Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct and Colorado Code of Judicial Conduct, 2018 Edition, (September 2018)
Colorado Probate System, Sixth Edition, (September 2018)
Colorado Courtroom Handbook for Civil Trials, Fifth Edition, (August 2018)
Colorado Rules of Civil & Appellate Procedure, 2018 Edition (July 2018)
Residential Construction Law in Colorado, Sixth Edition (June 2018)
Legal Guide to Practicing Psychotherapy in Colorado, 2018-2019 Academic Year (June 2018)
Guide for Colorado Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition (May 2018)

New Supplements

Practitioner's Guide to CO Business Organizations, 2019 Supplement (Released March 2019)

Orange Book Handbook: Colorado Estate Planning Handbook, 2019 Supplement (Released March 2019)

Colorado Water Law Benchbook, 2019 Supplement (Released March 2019)

Colorado Real Estate Forms Deskbook, 2019 Supplement (Released February 2019)

Colorado Title Insurance Practice, 2019 Supplement (Released February 2019)

Colorado Real Estate Practice, 2019 Supplement (Released January 2019)

Elder Law in Colorado, 2018 Supplement (Released November 2018)

Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Construction Law, 2018 Supplement (Released September 2018)

Colorado Ethics Handbook, 2018 Supplement (Released September 2018)

Orange Book Forms: Colorado Estate Planning Forms, 2018 Supplement (Released September 2018)

Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Domestic Relations Law, 2018 Supplement (Released August 2018)

Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Employment Law, 2018 Supplement (Released May 2018)

Colorado Water Law Benchbook, 2018 Supplement (Released February 2018)

Colorado Title Insurance Practice, 2018 Supplement (Released February 2018)

Colorado Real Estate Practice, 2018 Supplement (Released January 2018)