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Instructions for Online Submission of CLE Credits

The Colorado Supreme Court Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education recently added functionality to their website for submitting your CLE credits online. Please read the following directions to simplify and streamline your online submission experience.

The online submission login website is 

1. Once you arrive at the site, you will be prompted to enter your Registration/Bar number and your Date of Birth.

After logging in, you will directed to this page.    Notice you have 3 options:   1. Enter Course ID#   2. Lookup By:   3. Enter Manually

Option 1. Enter Course ID#

The Supreme Court issues a 6-digit Course ID# for each accredited program. To locate the 6-digit Course ID#, look for the code next to the course title in your CLE Dashboard. Please note that the I.D. code for live events and live webcasts can be found under the "Your Live Seminar & Webcast History" tab. The I.D. code for homestudies can be found under the "Your Online Homestudies" tab.

Option 2. Lookup By:

This option allows you to look up your Course by Date, Sponsor or Name. The Date method may be the easiest method for finding your Course. If you choose by Sponsor, the sponsor name on record for CLE in Colorado Inc is "CLECI". The Course Name can be found in your CLE affidavit,

Option 3. Enter Manually

If you entering segments from a whole or half-day program, the Colorado Supreme Court recommends that you choose to "Enter Manually".
If you are submitting multiple segments from the same program, it is requested that you add up the total number of credits for that program and submit them all at once as opposed to making multiple submissions using the same title. If you submit the same Course Name/Course Title more than once, you must use a different date with each submission or the entry may be rejected as a duplicate. It has also been requested that the name of the segment is added to the primary Course Name so that administrators from the Supreme Court can identify that you are submitting different segments from the same Course Name.

For example, if the program name was "2013 Fall Family Law Institute" and you were submitting credit for segment 5, you will use the following program name with the manual entry process "2013 Fall Family Law Conference - Segment 5".

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