CBA-CLE is the nonprofit educational arm of the

Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association.


Faculty Consent Agreement

Faculty Consent

CBA-CLE is committed to providing quality programming for Colorado attorneys and professionals. Without your support, CBA-CLE would not be able to provide the variety of services for our attendees and members. We offer live seminars, webinars, video replays, and video, MP3 and CD home studies. Of course, we would not be able to provide these programs without some form of consent. Therefore, submission of all presenters’ materials constitutes consent. Additionally, the terms set forth below are intended to assist in defining the relationship between CBA-CLE and our faculty. Please take a moment to review these important terms set forth below.


  1. CBA-CLE acknowledges that you are the owner of the materials, whether you choose to copyright your materials or not. CBA-CLE does ask that you notify our organization if you decide to reprint or reuse your materials;

  2. Your participation in the live program grants CBA-CLE permission to video and audio record your presentation and to utilize these recordings in a manner consistent with CBA- CLE’s current policies;

  3. CBA-CLE acknowledges that your materials are original;

  4. As owner of the materials, you warrant that the use of the materials by CBA-CLE does not violate the proprietary or personal rights of others, and will not infringe upon anyone else’s existing copyright;

  5. You may choose to utilize/include materials authored by another individual/entity; however, you must obtain reprint permission and comply with any specifications from the owner/author regarding reprint permission;

  6. CBA-CLE may use the materials on a nonexclusive basis;

  7. By participating in this seminar, you grant CBA-CLE permission to: reproduce and distribute your materials in a collective manner to seminar participants for the live program, video replays, home study, or online programming; reproduce, resell and distribute your materials and presentation in a manner consistent with CBA-CLE’s current policies, either in a collective manner or as an individual work.