Program Highlights

Plenary Sessions Include:
- Case Law and Legislative Recent Developments
- Update from the Secretary of State’s Office
- Panel Presentation: Business Documents and Document Drafting from the Perspective of Litigators – The Big Blunders!
- Panel Presentation: The Life Cycle of Litigation — Avoiding (or Managing) a Trainwreck!
- Attorney for the Organization: Legal and Ethical Issues
- Panel Presentation: The Life and Death of an LLC — Formation, Operations and Dissolution
Plus, Choose from the Following Breakout Session Topics:
- Top Antitrust Cases and Trends in 2016
- A Case Study in Social Enterprise and Alternative Financing Structures
- The Ins and Outs of Financial Covenants in Loan Agreements
- Employment Law Update: Significant Developments  and Trends
- Purchasing Assets out of Bankruptcy (with an Emphasis on Oil and Gas Properties)
- Potential Liability of Companies for Patent Infringement by Their Vendors, Contractors and Customers after Akamai
- Employment Law Myths and Realities
- What Business Lawyers Need to Know When Advising Their Business Clients About Data Breaches
- Intellectual Property Pitfalls in International Transactions
- Understanding Employee Incentive and Perks
- Top Cross Border Legal Issues
- Corporate Concepts and Other Potential  Missteps  in LLC Agreements
- AgriFinance Pitfalls and Traps
- The Law & Ethics of Negotiation: What Business Lawyers Should Know
- Who is Your Beneficial Owner? Implications of FinCEN's Customer Due Diligence Rule on Financial Institutions and Beyond
- Representing Distressed Companies
- Practice Tips, Trends, and Developments for External Counsel Representing Businesses
- The Accidental Franchise
- Special District Formation – Recent Tax Issues
- NEW Banking Regulations Changing the Escrow Agreement World for M&A Transactions
- Ethical Dilemmas: Intersection of Business Lawyers and the Cannabis Industry
Program Description:
Because your business law practice is affected by recent developments and trends in case law, legislation, rules and regulations, take two days and get updated on the latest at the 2016 Institute. During those same two days, choose from 21 different breakout sessions and get invaluable information on topics of greatest interest to you, AND receive materials for ALL breakout sessions.
The Institute is your "don't miss" business law event of the year. You will come away from this intense learning experience, not only with increased knowledge and comprehensive course materials, but new resources for you to turn to when advising your clients. You and your clients will benefit from your participation in the Institute for months and years to come.
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