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Hanging Your Shingle
2013 Homestudy Available Now!

Starting your own law firm means not only knowing how to practice law, but also knowing how to run a business. Whether you just graduated from law school or have been practicing for many years, you probably have not learned a lot about how to run a business.

The Hanging Your Shingle program can help. From writing your business plan to getting a line of credit, from balancing your books to billing hours, from avoiding malpractice to being savvy in social media ---you will leave this program with the inspiration, confidence and resources you need to build and control your future. 

If you are curious about learning more about starting your own law firm, check out this document prepared by John “Jack” Hanley, Executive Director for Reilly Pozner LLP,  titled "Key Aspects of Law Practice Management – A Checklist for Opening a Law Office". It is a very interesting "soup to nuts" checklist detailing the administrative considerations when starting a law practice. 

 Past participants had this to say about the program that took place on August 15, 2013:

"Quality content, quality presentations."

"This was a great line-up of speakers. The information was extremely helpful."

"Networking function was great."

"I left excited and enthusiastic about what was discussed and how I could incorporate it into my own practice. The presenters I had a chance to speak with were extremely encouraging and valuable resources."

"Excellent total overview of everything involved when opening a practice of one's own."

"Every program I attended exceeded my expectations. Keep it up!"

Solo-Small Firm Practice Area Results