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Bradford Publishing Chooses Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education to Carry On Legal Tradition

DENVER (July 31, 2015)  Candace and Craig Boyle, president and CIO respectively of Bradford Publishing, have looked recently to lighten their workload, without retiring. One of Colorado’s oldest businesses, Bradford Publishing was founded in 1881 and is located in Denver's historic LoDo district, providing legal forms and reference materials on a variety of legal topics for attorneys, other professionals, and consumers.

Their solution was to spin off the legal division of their organization, while keeping the consumer and business products. The brother and sister team were looking for an organization that would carry on the tradition of providing excellent products and quality customer service to the Colorado legal community.

 Continuing Legal Education in Colorado (CBA CLE), the educational arm of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations and the largest provider of legal books and seminars was the most logical choice. The two organizations have finalized an acquisition agreement, effective July 31, 2015.  Both organizations have enjoyed a close relationship with the legal community, including the attorneys who help craft their products and the legal professionals who purchase from their extensive library of books and products. In addition, CBA-CLE is determined to keep up the quality and excellence that Bradford Publishing has carefully nurtured for many years, with a reputation for excellence.

Candace Boyle, president of Bradford Publishing says, “We are excited that Colorado Bar Association CLE is able to take over the production of our top-quality legal forms and books for attorneys. We know we are leaving them in good hands.”

Dawn McKnight, assistant executive director of CBA CLE adds, “The transition will be smooth and customers should have an easy time continuing their subscriptions to Bradforms and obtaining any legal publications they need.  Bradford Publishing and CBA-CLE are reaching out to current customers to ensure any questions are answered.”

Bradford Publishing is Colorado's oldest publisher of legal information, including legal forms, electronic legal forms, law books, and statutes. Bradford Publishing has provided legal forms and reference materials on a variety of legal topics for attorneys, other professionals, and consumers for generations.

Colorado Bar Association CLE [CBA-CLE]) is the nonprofit education arm of the Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association. We produce high-quality continuing legal education programs and legal publications for attorneys and legal professionals in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Colorado Bar Association Continuing Legal Education is honored to inherit the trusted legal publications Bradford Publications is known for. 

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