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Instructions for CLE Faculty
Colorado Bar Association CLE expresses its deep gratitude to all CLE faculty for their willingness to lend their expertise for the educational benefit of fellow colleagues in the legal profession.

Their sustained support and goodwill ensures that the CBA's Continuing Legal Education Program retains its reputation as a high-quality CLE provider for members of the Bench and Bar in Colorado.

If you are interested in developing a seminar, please contact Heidi Ray, program attorney, at or (303)824-5392.

Below are some guidelines to help you plan a successful CLE. Please contact Heidi Ray at any time with questions.

Step 1: Identify a topic and format that suits the needs of your program 
Your role as program chair will be to identify a topic and faculty for the seminar. CBA-CLE can help you in identifying topics and faculty. Please contact us for assistance. CBA-CLE staff can also help you choose the right format for your seminar, whether it is full-day, half-day, or somewhere in between. Multi-day formats are also available. 

Step 2: Creating Content
The next step is to create the content for the seminar brochure. We will provide a template. The brochure is mailed to all prospective attendees, and includes the date, list of speakers, timed agenda, a 3-5 sentence program description, and brief description of who should attend. The brochure deadline is early, but important for adequate marketing. At the time of the deadline, please submit as much information as possible. You will have an opportunity to review a designed draft before the brochure goes to print. In addition to a mailed brochure, your seminar will be posted on the CBA-CLE Web site and included in the Calendar page of the Colorado Lawyer  journal. Targeted e-marketing will also ensure that your seminar is well-promoted. 

Step 3: Written materials and faculty biographical sketches
One month before the date of the program, materials should be forwarded, via e-mail, to the a program coordinator at CBA-CLE. Please submit the documents electronically in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or PowerPoint. The materials must be reviewed to determine if the course will meet the criteria for awarding CLE credit. In order to provide CLE credit to attendees, materials must be timely and should cover those matters that one would expect for a comprehensive and professional treatment of the course’s subject matter. 

Each speaker is required to submit materials. Materials may include a detailed outline on what will be discussed, sample pleadings, sample forms, cases, helpful hints, or general considerations, flowcharts, answers to some common questions, and PowerPoint slides. The material will be bound in a material book or saved to electronic format and distributed to attendees on the day of the event. 

Biographies and signed release forms for speakers and chairs are also due one month before the seminar. Download a release form here. View a sample biography here

Step 4: The day of the seminar 
On the day of the program, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the program start time. The program chair should introduce the program and the speakers as well as facilitate the question-and-answer period. Note that the program will be recorded. Please remind speakers to repeat audience questions for the recording.

Thank you for reviewing the steps for a successful CLE seminar. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Heidi Ray at (303)824-5392. The CBA-CLE’s professional staff looks forward to the opportunity to work with you on a program.