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Technical FAQs

What is "My CLE Dashboard" ?

My CLE Dashboard is the core of your personal experience with the CBA-CLE website.
My CLE Dashboard is where you can access your CLE and update your Practice Area and Interest Tags.
By self-selecting your preferences, we can show you relevant content and find out what you want to learn more about.

My CLE Dashboard
is where you will find tabs with the following important resources:

Live Seminar & Webcast History
  • View Invoice
  • Download Affidavit
  • Download Materials in PDF format
  • Download MP3*
  • View Webcast
Your Homestudies
  • View Invoice
  • Download Materials in PDF format
  • Download MP3
  • View Video
My Account
  • Update Your Information
  • View Transaction History
  • View Event History
If you need technical support, please visit our Support Center and see if we are available for LiveSupport. If you need help after hours, please send an email to

*When you attend a Live Seminar, Live Webcast or Live Video Replay, CBA-CLE adds a complimentary MP3 Audio recording of the program to your record. 

To access MP3 Download programs you will need:

  • MP3 programs containing more than one audio file are delivered as compressed .zip files. After unzipping the MP3 audio files, they can be played on a computer with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and many other audio players. They can also be played on your iPad, iPhone, and other portable devices capable of playing .MP3 files, or burned to a CD to be played on a CD player. Individual hour long programs are delivered as a direct MP3 download. Individual files will begin playing upon clicking the link. If you would rather save the file, simply right-click on the MP3 download link and choose "save link as" or "save target as".
  • Windows computers can open .zip files by right-clicking and choosing the "Extract" option. Mac users may need to download a free .zip utility like StuffIt Expander.
  • Course materials are delivered in PDF format. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader. Free Download here:
  • A connection to the Internet of at least 700 kbps is highly recommended. Download times are determined by your connection speed. Check your speed now.
  • A sound card and speakers
  • A media player capable of playing an MP3 audio file like Windows Media Player of Quicktime player.

To view a Live Webcast or a Video On-Demand, you will need:

  • Desktop/Laptop Computers will need AdobeFlash Player (version 11.X or better). Free Download here:
  • Tablets and iOS devices will need a web browser and a high speed wi-fi connection. Our video is encoded HTML5 compliant x264 format which will play on any contemporary device with sufficient bandwidth.
  • Course materials are delivered in PDF format. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader. Free Download here:
  • A connection to the Internet of at least 700 kbps is highly recommended, and most people now have connections at that speed or faster. Check your speed now.
  • A sound card and speakers
  • A current web browser. See below for approved list. Cookies must be enabled on the browser for your login credentials to be recognized (this is the default).
  Browser Name Platform
Internet Explorer logo Internet Explorer
Stable Release: 9.0.10
Latest browser version: 10.0.8400.0
Internet Explorer for Windows
Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) logo Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox)
Stable Release: 16.0.1
Latest browser version: 17.0 Beta 1
Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for WindowsFirefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for MacintoshFirefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) for Unix/Linux
Chrome logo Chrome
Stable Release: 22.0.1229.94
Latest browser version: 23.0.1271.22
Chrome for WindowsChrome for MacintoshChrome for Unix/Linux
Safari logo Safari
Stable Release: 5.1.9
Latest browser version: 5.1.9
Safari for WindowsSafari for Macintosh
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Can I use my iPad/iPhone/Android?

Yes! Our webcast/video on-demand player is iOS/Android friendly*.

The Safari browser that comes by default with iOS devices is not well suited for downloading files. We recommend that mobile users use a Download Manager application like "Download Manager Lite" for downloading media files to your device. The Download Manager Lite app behaves exactly like a web browser, but it will create a "Download" option in the contextual menu for any links for downloadable content, including MP3 audio files, MP4 video files and PDF documents. 

MP3 users will need to download an app for opening/managing .zip files. Winzip is a great app for opening and managing .zip files on a mobile device.

My Media is a free useful app that can open .zip files and manage .mp3 downloads.  Dropbox is another useful way to transfer media files back and forth between your desktop computer and your portable device.

Using Safari with iOS Devices
- notice how the contextual menu in Safari only offers the following options: Open, Open in New Tab, Add to Reading List, Copy

Using Download Manager
- notice how Download Manager offers a "Download" option in the contextual menu. The addition of this "Download" option makes managing media files on your mobile device much more intuitive and straighforward.

*We do have some older video titles that are delivered in Flash video format. These titles will only play on a desktop computer or Android device. We can make these programs available as .MP4 download upon request. Contact for details.

What is the difference between Live Webcasts and Video On-Demand homestudies?

Live Webcasts are live broadcasts of Seminars taking place in the CLE Classroom that you can view online using a high-speed internet conenction. Live Webcasts are accredited as Live Events. Since Webcasts are live, you have the opportunity to submit questions and get responses in real-time with the presenter.

Video On-Demand homestudies are archived recordings of Seminars that you can watch at your leisure. You use your personalized self-study affidavit from the Supreme Court to claim credit for viewing Video On-Demand courses.
I am a new CLE Passholder. How do I delete old cookies from my computer?

Before you use your CLE Pass for the first time, it is important that you log out of any delete any old
cookies from from your web browser, and then log back in. If you do not delete old cookies
from, it is possible that you will not be recognized as a Pass holder.
(If you have never been to the website, there will be no cookie file.)

If you use Google Chrome as your Browser:
  • 1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar
  • 2. Select Settings
  • 3. Click the Under the Hood tab
  • 4. Click Content settings
  • 5. Click the Cookies tab
  • 6. Remove /
If you use Internet Explorer as your Browser:
  • 1. On your task bar click Tools
  • 2. Click Internet Options
  • 3. Under the General tab Click Settings
  • 4. Click View Files
  • 5. Delete the cookie: /
If you use Firefox as your Browser:
  • 1. On your task bar click Tools
  • 2. Click Internet Option
  • 3. Click on Privacy
  • 4. Click on Remove Individual Cookies
  • 5. Click on the cookie: /
  • 6. Click on Remove cookie
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