5th Annual Cannabis Symposium: Explore the Growing Landscape of Cannabis - Webinar

The cannabis field is anything but stagnant. Even though states expanded access to cannabis, and the field appears to be leaning in favor of both businesses and consumers, challenges and obstacles remain. Stay on top of changes in the industry, including updates on criminal penalties related to THC, regulations surrounding the use of CBD, and taxation and valuation issues.
- See where the cannabis industry stands today and where it is headed  
- Gain insight from experienced cannabis practitioners  
- Understand ethical obligations within the industry  
If special accommodations are needed, please contact us at clereception@cobar.org. Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program.
The program will be submitted for CLE accreditation in Colorado. If you need to seek accreditation in another state, please review the process and requirements for that individual state. CBA-CLE staff can provide a Uniform Certificate of Attendance, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to complete the accreditation outside of Colorado.  

8:30 – 8:35 am  
Welcome and Introduction  
Extended by Ron Seigneur, MBA, CPA/ABV ASA CVA, Program Chair, Seigneur Gustafson LLP       
8:35 – 9:35 am  
From Social Equity to Sustainability: State Updates from the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)  
2020 has not been your typical year for state marijuana regulations given the COVID-19 pandemic. MED will walk you through legislative updates, provide the latest on the state's social equity program and new sustainability regulations, and review how the Division handled COVID-19 from a regulatory perspective.  
Presented by James (Jim) Burack, Esq., Director, and Dominique Mendiola, Esq., Deputy Director, Marijuana Enforcement Division, Colorado Department of Revenue       
9:35 – 10:25 am  
CBD- The Science Behind CBD; The Regulations Standing in Front of CBD
There is little doubt that the CBD industry has exploded in the last year. From topical preparations, smokeables, and ingestibles, to cosmetics and pet care products, CBD- infused items can be found at major retailers and local businesses. But CBD manufacturers and suppliers must be careful concerning their product claims and ingredient testing. This panel will discuss the basic science behind CBD and evolving regulations that must be followed in order to successfully market such products without liability risks. The panel will also discuss the evolving patchwork of federal and state regulations governing registration, testing, and product labeling.  
Presented by David Bush, Esq., Hoban Law Group, P.C., Tim Gordon, Science Officer, Functional Remedies and J. Lee Gray, Esq., Holland & Hart, LLP       
10:25 – 10:35 am  
10:35 – 11:25 am  
Changing Dynamics When it Comes to Cannabis
Gather insight into the changing criminal dynamics of cannabis-related offenses. Hear from a prosecutor and defense attorney about the implications of the normalization of cannabis. You will learn about the alterations in the criminal code, and how these changes relate to plea negotiations, trials, and more.  
Presented by Jaime Cowan, Esq., The Law Offices of Jaime Cowan, P.C., and Joshua Nathaniel, Esq., Senior Deputy District Attorney, Denver District Attorney’s Office     
11:25 – 12:25 pm  
Cannabis Business Marketplace: Legal Considerations for Buyers and Sellers of Marijuana Businesses
Learn about selling or buying a cannabis business — specifically, assets sale versus entity transfers, and issues each party should consider.  
Presented by Rachael Z. Ardanuy, Esq., RZA Legal  
12:25 – 1:35 pm  
Lunch Break
1:35 – 2:25 pm  
Federal and State Taxation of Cannabis Businesses
Explore both federal and state level taxation of cannabis. This session will be split between a federal explanation of cannabis taxation and a state-level description.  
Presented by Josh Pens, Esq., Director of Tax Policy, Colorado Department of Revenue and James (Jim) Thorburn, Esq., Thorburn Walker, LLC       
2:25- 3:15 pm  
Case Law Update on Marijuana Issues  
Find out about the latest case law developments in the cannabis industry.  
Presented by James (Jim) Thorburn, Esq., Thorburn Walker, LLC       
3:15 – 3:25 pm  
3:25 – 4:15 pm    
Representing Marijuana Clients: What Every Lawyer Should Know
A discussion of the legal and ethical implications of representing clients who are in the business of violating federal law.
Presented by Professor Sam Kamin, University of Denver Sturm College of Law
4:15– 5:05 pm  
Valuing Cannabis 2.0:  Buckle up, this is about to get interesting!
Explore the nuances associated with cannabis industry appraisal, including the challenges of finding and applying market-based metrics in a rapidly evolving landscape. Colorado is now considered to be an established market compared to other emerging markets, where some are paying premium prices for potential future opportunity. Valuation of license rights and related intellectual property will be emphasized, as well as insights on where to find data and resources. Reconciling the public company market in cannabis with smaller scale operators will also be discussed.  
Presented by Ryan Cram, CVA, Seigneur Gustafson LLP, and Ron Seigneur, MBA, CPA/ABV ASA CVA, Program Chair
5:05 pm  
5:05- 6:00 pm  
Social Event  
Sponsored by CBA Cannabis Law Section           
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March 16, 2021
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