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Book Title: Evidence in Colorado - A Practical Guide,Third Edition
Managing Editor: Jake C. Eisenstein
Publisher: CBA-CLE Books (CLE in Colorado, Inc.)
Publication Date: 2021  
ISBN-13:  978-1-949831-45-0 
Page Count: 706
About the Book:
Evidence in Colorado: A Practical Guide, Third Edition is a useful guide to introducing evidence in Colorado. Chapters contain foundation requirements for each type of evidence, as well as sample examinations to illustrate how to get evidence admitted. The book contains leading cases, a discussion of the rules of evidence, and many practice pointers giving concrete advice. An appendix contains both the Colorado and Federal Rules of Evidence for the reader's convenience.        
The Third Edition includes:    
- Text and discussion of recently amended CRE 404, 803, and 901; 
- Discussion of new notice requirements for prosecutors under CRE 404(b); 
- Additional discussion of Confrontation Clause issues; 
- Updated case law throughout the book     
Evidence in Colorado:  A Practical Guide is updated as needed.
Table of Contents
Evidence in Colorado - A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition
Chapter 1 Introduction of Evidence - An Overview
Chapter 2 Presumptions and Facts Established Without Formal Proof
Chapter 3 Evidentiary Exclusions and Limitations
Chapter 4 Witness Competency and Qualifications
Chapter 5 Witness Corroboration and Support
Chapter 6 Identification
Chapter 7 Reputation
Chapter 8 Impeachment
Chapter 9 Rehabilitation
Chapter 10 Privilege and Disqualification
Chapter 11 Hearsay Exceptions Involving State of Mind
Chapter 12 Documentary Evidence
Chapter 13 Demonstrative Evidence
Colorado Rules of Evidence
Federal Rules of Evidence
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