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Book Title: CRS Vehicle & Traffic-Title 42 and Common Code 2018
Publisher: CBA-CLE (CLE in Colorado, Inc.)
Publication Date: 2018
Page Count: 618 pages
ISBN:  978-1-949831-00-9
Format: Softcover (also includes Electronic PDF e-Book - Download from your CLE Dashboard)
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About the Book:
This handy book contains the vehicles and traffic law you need in one concise volume. It's the perfect resource to keep nearby whether you're in court, the office, a classroom, or a patrol car. C.R.S. Vehicles & Traffic contains the entire Title 42, Colorado Revised Statutes, plus portions of titles 12, 24, and 43. It also includes lists of traffic violations in statutory and common code order, plus a quick reference guide to traffic penalties and points, as well as the current Common Codes as provided by the Colorado State Patrol.        
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Table of Contents
CRS Vehicle & Traffic-Title 42 and Common Code 2018
Colorado Revised Statutes
CSP Common Codes; Title 42 and Related Laws                        
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