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Book Title: Colorado Appellate Handbook, 2017 Edition
Managing Editors: Hon. Alan M. Loeb
Publisher: CBA-CLE (CLE in Colorado, Inc.)
Publication Date: 2017
Page Count: 680 pages
ISBN: 1-930993-77-3
Format:  Softcover - (also includes Electronic PDF e-Book - Download from your CLE Dashboard)
About the Book:
The Colorado Appellate Handbook is an essential handbook for every Colorado appellate attorney. The book includes 23 chapters, as well as the complete Colorado Appellate Rules, sample forms, tables of authorities, and a comprehensive subject index.
The Colorado Appellate Handbook is designed to assist practitioners in perfecting appeals in the Colorado state court system. It explains the mechanics of the process. It is a practical guide, a how-to-do-it reference book, rather than an analytical treatise of the law of appeals. The book answers practical questions such as what, where, when and how many copies to file. In addition to useful forms contained in some chapters as exhibits, the reader is directed to the appendix for additional sample forms, helpful articles on writing briefs, tips for effective petitions for certiorari, and court protocols and policies.
Topics include:
- Electronic Briefs;
- Organization of the Appellate Court System;
- Jurisdiction/Scope of Review;
- Preservation/Appealable Issues;
- Parties/Commencing an Appeal/Cross-Appeals;
- Staying Enforcement Pending Appeal;
- The Record on Appeal;
- Motion Practice;
- Briefs and Oral Argument;
- Disposition of Appeal;
- Post-Decision Procedures & Remedies; and
- Certiorari and Original Proceedings in the Supreme Court
Colorado Appellate Handbook is updated as needed. Each update is released as a new soft-cover edition.
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Table of Contents
Colorado Appellate Handbook, 2017 Edition
For a detailed Table of Contents with Sub-Chapters, Click Here
Chapter 1 Organization of the Colorado Appellate Court System
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction of the Appellate Courts
Chapter 3 Scope of Review
Chapter 4 Preservation of Issue for Appeal
Chapter 5 Appealable Judgments and Orders
Chapter 6 Parties to the Appeal
Chapter 7 Commencing an Appeal
Chapter 8 Cross-Appeals
Chapter 9 Staying Enforcement of Judgment or Order Pending Appeal
Chapter 10 The Record on Appeal
Chapter 11 Motion Practice in the Appellate Courts
Chapter 12 Briefs
Chapter 13 Oral Argument
Chapter 14 Appeals in Proceedings in Dependency or Neglect
Chapter 15 Disposition of Appeal
Chapter 16 Post-Decision Procedures and Remedies
Chapter 17 Direct Appeals and Certiorari in the Supreme Court
Chapter 18 Original Proceedings in the Supreme Court
Chapter 19 Proceeding in Forma Pauperis on Appeal
Chapter 20 Assessment of Costs on Appeal
Chapter 21 Interest on Judgments Pending Appeal
Chapter 22 Sanctions in the Appellate Courts
Chapter 23 Voluntary Dismissal
Appendix A—The Colorado Appellate Rules
Appendix B—Court Instructions and Forms
Appendix C—Helpful Articles
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