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October 2018
Mindfulness for Busy Lawyers
Program Highlights:
- A Mini Wellness Retreat
- Make It a Team Effort – Bring Your Colleagues, Your Practice Group, Your Firm!
- Optional Morning Yoga! Start Your Day Feeling Balanced and Energized
- Fresh and Healthy Breakfast and Snacks!
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body and mind in the present moment.
This Program Will Provide You Tools To:
- Increase Focus
- Improve Communication and Cultivate Relationships
- Reassess Your Time-Management
- Enhance Efficiency and Boost Productivity
Program Description:
An invaluable half-day program! You will leave with concrete tips and tangible solutions that directly impact your professional practice and improve your personal satisfaction.
Put stress on the sidelines and learn simple ways to find joy in your life and in the law. You'll leave feeling lighter!
8:30 AM    
Registration and Healthy Breakfast    
9:00 AM    
Welcome and Introduction    
9:10 AM    
Why Your Clients Stress You Out: Dealing with Difficult Personalities  
The practice of law can be stressful, and our clients can contribute to that stress when they are being unreasonable or difficult. In fact, research shows that lawyers are at an increased risk for developing compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. This presentation will help you understand the neurobiology and neurophysiology of stress, why and how stress is contagious, and how to manage your own response to difficult personalities and clients.      
Presented by Sarah Myers, Esq., LMFT, LAC, Executive Director, Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program    
10:00 AM    
Networking and Stretch Break    
10:10 AM    
Integrative Strategies for Optimal Performance
This presentation will focus on integrative strategies for working with stress and trauma, connecting to your resilience, and self-care for optimal performance. Your mind, body, and spirit are intelligently trying to help you succeed in all aspects of your life. We'll take a look at ways to prioritize your self-care so that you can best serve others.
Presented by Danielle P. Carron, M.S., M.A., SEP, LPC, Integrative Psychotherapy and Nutrition Counseling    
11:00 AM    
Networking and Stretch Break    
11:10 AM      
Mindfulness as a Path to Self-Aware Living and Lawyering: Learn Techniques to Put You On the Path to Maintain Competence, Act with Diligence, and Communication Effectively with Clients
Traditional intelligence is necessary for earning our shingle; however, it is insufficient for continued success, satisfaction, and growth in our careers. An improved understanding of our own internal states is essential to continually developing emotional intelligence, which is associated with improved communication, stronger relationships and more effective leadership. Learn ways to improve your emotional intelligence by using mindfulness as a tool for greater self-awareness. As a result, your communication with clients and proficiency in the practice of law will thrive. The speaker will review Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1, 1.3. and 1.4 and the responsibilities that attorneys have regarding competence, diligence and communication.      
Presented by Nikki Patternick, Esq., Patternick Law & VIM Executive Coaching    
12:00 PM    
Presenter's Panel - A Question and Answer Session
Our speakers are happy to take your questions! Write your questions down throughout the morning as they come to you.    
12:30 PM    
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