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Become More Efficient and Make Microsoft Tools Work for You!




August 2018
Mastering Core Production Tools – Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook  
Become More Efficient and Make Microsoft Tools Work for You!
Featuring one of the nation’s best legal technology teachers - Barron K. Henley
You'll learn easier and quicker document creation and complex formatting in Microsoft Word, including:
- Mastering Microsoft’s styles feature to completely control complex legal formatting
- Using macros and AutoText to automate your legal document drafting
- Table of Contents and Table of Authorities
You’ll learn to structure data and utilize worksheets and graphs in Microsoft Excel, including:
- Using ribbons, buttons, and conquering interface issues
- Making worksheets look good and print correctly
- Summarizing data with sums and pivot tables
You’ll learn to manage and organize emails and calendars in Microsoft Outlook, including:
- How to clean up and streamline the default Outlook interface
- Using folder and subfolder structures to sort emails
- Organizing and searching contacts
And so much more!
Bring your laptop if you’d like to follow along!
- Seminar will be taught in Office 2016 (which is the same as Office 365). The course manual works for Office 2007, 2010, and 2013.
- Are you a Mac user? Please let us know ahead of time; We can send you a Word for Mac 2011/Word for Mac 2016 manual so you can follow along. Word for Windows and Word for Mac have different interfaces, although they’re capable of most of the same things with some exceptions. Likewise, while there is not a separate Mac manual for Excel and Outlook, the interfaces are similar enough that Mac participants can easily follow along.
What previous Colorado CLE attendees have said about Barron Henley:
"Best CLE I have ever been to. All law offices need to have him come in for a seminar for all employees who use Word.  I wish I took this years ago. The materials and the book were worth the price of admission!"
“Just "WOW!"  This class is probably the most useful CLE I have ever attended! Thank you!"
“Other than the fact that this is fabulous information, Mr. Henley's presentation makes it a great and engaging class."
“Great materials and very informative. Barron made the topic fun. This will be directly beneficial to my work."
“The entire program was outstanding.”
“Speaker - Amazing. Deliver - Amazing. Content - Amazing!  Bring Barron back every year!"
Meet Your Presenter
Barron K. Henley, Esq.
Affinity Consulting Group, LLC
Barron K. Henley is one of the most popular Colorado CLE instructors and a national expert on technology solutions for lawyers. He is one of the managing partners of Affinity Consulting Group LLC in Columbus, Ohio, which has provided legal technology consulting to more than 500 law firms nationwide. He is an attorney with over 18 years' experience in legal technology and one of the most renowned experts on Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Hot Docs. He is a member of the ABA Law Practice Management Section and the Technology Committee, and a frequent continuing legal education speaker on legal-specific technology issues.
Mastering Microsoft Word in the Law Office
8:30 am
Registration (Continental Breakfast Provided)
9:00 am
Fixing Word's Default Settings and Basic Editing
- Fix Word's formatting and programmatical default settings
- Document view and navigation tools
- Advanced cut, copy, paste, find and replace techniques  
10:00 am
Advanced Font and Paragraph Formatting
- Proofing - spellcheck, auto correct, grammar check and thesaurus
- Word's formatting methodology explained in plain English
- How to strip formatting from wayward text
- Inserting symbols, non-breaking spaces and hyphens
- Automatic paragraph spacing
- Holding headings, text and paragraphs together
- Tabs - types, how they are used, best practices for signature lines
- Indents - shifting text left or right while maintaining proper alignment
10:30 am
Refreshment/Networking Break
10:45 am
Page Numbering & Whole Document Formatting
- Controlling headers and footers
- How to set up simple to complex page numbering schemes
11:15 am
Styles – Word's Most Important Feature Explained
12:00 — 1:00 pm  
Lunch (on your own)
1:00 pm
Auto Paragraph Numbering and Advanced Styles
- Attaching paragraph numbers to styles
- Building multi-level numbering schemes
- Paragraph cross references which automatically update  
2:45 pm
Table of Contents and Table of Authorities
- Tables of contents which automatically generate and update
- Tables of authorities which automatically generate and update  
3:15 pm
Refreshment/Networking Break
3:30 pm
- Macros
- AutoText and Quick Parts  
4:00 pm
Protecting Work Product
- Redlining, tracking changes and comments
- Protecting documents with encryption  
4:30 pm
Mastering Microsoft Excel in the Law Office
8:30 am  
Registration (Continental Breakfast Provided)
9:00 am
Excel Basics
- Ribbons, buttons, and interface issues
- Recommended default setting changes
Structuring Data and Using Formulas/Functions
- Navigation
- Editing cells
- Formulas/functions
- Copying/replicating formulas
- Creating a probate inventory and appraisal
- Medical bill summaries with running totals
- Real estate settlement statements with auto-calculating subtotals and totals
- Calculating loan payments based upon varying loan amounts, interest rates, terms, and number of payments per year
- Using formulas to calculate dates and deadlines
10:30 am  
Refreshment/Networking Break
10:45 am
Formatting Cells and Worksheets
- Formatting to cells, rows and columns
- Making worksheets look good
- Sorting, filtering and conditional formatting
Getting the Worksheet to Print the Way You Want
- Headers and footers
- Printing options
- Gridlines
- Row and/or column headings
- Row and/or column labels (titles)
- Fitting text on a page when printing
- Scaling to fit/zoom
Creating Graphs
- Creating and customizing bar graphs
- Creating and customizing pie charts
Advanced Topics
- Using Excel for Mail Merges in Word
- Naming and nesting formulas
- Formulas to manipulate text instead of numbers
- Using tables to manipulate large data sets
- Combining data using VLOOKUP
- Summarizing data: sums and pivot tables
12:00 — 1:00 pm  
Lunch (on your own)
Mastering Microsoft Outlook in the Law Office
1:00 pm
How To Fix Outlook
- How to clean up and streamline the default interface
- Customizing the way email is displayed
- Change the default font
- Fix the programmatical defaults so Outlook works better
- Setting up multiple & automatic signatures
- How to minimize or eliminate notifications
- How to be selectively notified when certain people send you email
- Settings Outlook shares with Word
- Calendar and contacts customizations
Refreshment/Networking Break
2:45 pm
Storing and Organizing Email
- Folder and subfolder structures
- Automatic email archival
- Best methods for storing important email outside of Outlook
- Best practices for dealing with attachments
- How to keep track of high email volume and not drop a ball
- Why printing email is a bad idea, and how to preserve it without paper
- Email management techniques
Make a Good Thing Better With Outlook Add-Ins
- Why Microsoft Exchange is a must-have for all law offices, and how to get it
- PDF programs that work with Outlook - the power of integrations
- Options for encrypting email
- Storage and organization add-ins
Outlook Power Tips
- Best email tips and hidden tools
- Calendar tips
- Organizing and searching contacts
- Tips for task management
4:00 pm    
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