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Understanding Extreme Risk Protection Orders




December 2019
Colorado’s Red Flag Law
Understanding Extreme Risk Protection Orders
- Understand the Extreme Risk Protection Order Law and How It Will be Implemented through the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office
- Learn Strategies for Working With and Communicating With Individuals Who Have Mental Health Issues and Disorders
- Hear From a Panel Discussing the Roles Attorneys Will Fill as the Law is Implemented, and Find Out How to Apply to be a Court-Appointed Respondent’s Counsel
Program Description   
The Colorado “Red Flag” Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020, creates procedures for courts to issue an ERPO, requiring an individual to surrender all firearms until the order expires or is terminated. Do you understand the law and the process for an Extreme Risk Protection Order petition? Do you know how an ERPO will be enforced? Are you interested in becoming a court-appointed attorney for ERPO respondents? Attend this program to prepare yourself for the new law and the new year.
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
Colorado’s Red Flag Law: What Does the Law Say and How Will It Be Implemented Through the Office of the Supreme Court Administrator
Presented by Terri S. Morrison, Esq., Legal Counsel, Office of the State Court Administrator
3:00 pm
Empathy is Key: Communicating with Clients Facing Mental Health Challenges
Presented by Jennifer E. Longtin, Esq., JLongtin Law
3:50 pm
Networking Break
4:00 pm
What Roles will Attorneys Fill under the New Law?
- How Will City Attorneys and District Attorneys Be Involved?
- How Can Attorneys Serve as Appointed Counsel for Respondents?
Presented by Kenneth Boyd, Esq., Senior Deputy District Attorney, Denver District Attorney's Office, Terri S. Morrison, Esq., Legal Counsel, Office of the State Court Administrator, and Allison Rocker Esq., Assistant Director - Prosecution and Code Enforcement, Denver City Attorney’s Office
5:00 pm
Adjourn to Networking Reception
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Networking Reception Sponsored by the CBA Criminal Law and Civil Rights Sections
* You are welcome to attend the Reception even if you don't attend the CLE program.    
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