Holly . Ryan

Holly Ryan, Esq., was formally a Senior Managing Member with the law firms of Dale & Decker, LLC and Medved Dale Decker & Deere, LLC prior to retiring in 2017.  Her real estate practice specialized in the representation of financial institutions and creditors primarily in the areas of Foreclosure, Eviction and Bankruptcy matters. In 2019 Governor Polis appointed her to the position of Jefferson County Public Trustee.  Her twenty years in the field of Colorado foreclosure matters has been a perfect fit for the Public Trustee’s office. Since coming to the Jefferson County Public Trustee’s office, she has helped streamline several sections of the Colorado Foreclosure statute, specifically in the areas of overbid funds and releases. She continues to work with the Colorado Bar Association and Colorado County Treasurer Public Trustee Association regarding legislative changes and training of attorneys and Public Trustee’s in this niche area of the law. She is licensed in both Colorado and Washington State, with reciprocity in Idaho, Oregon and Utah.