Erika A. Gebhardt

Gebhardt, Emerson, & Moodie Family Law, LLC
Erika A. Gebhardt, Esq., 's vision for GEM Family Law has always been culture and service to clients, above all else. Just out of law school in 2012, Erika worked at a firm where all were overworked and undervalued. Additionally, Erika did not feel as though she could serve clients in the way she envisioned with the firm's culture. Therefore, in 2018, after multiple attempts to find a better fit, Erika decided to take conrol of practicing the way she wants to practice by starting her own firm, Gebhardt Family Law. After some time practicing as a solo, where she created an excellent reputation for herself as a family law litigator and established a highly effective business model, Erika brought on two partners in January, 2018 (Ashley Emerson and Meagan Moodie), and a fourth in August, 2019 (Elizabeth Bonanno), who are all share her vision as to firm culture and, thus, created Gebhardt Emerson Moodie Bonanno, LLC (GEM Family Law). Through GEM, Erika established the healthy and thriving environment she craved as a young lawyer. Erika had the vision to understand that the model of the past overworked, underpaid, and unhappy young attorneys was not sustainable and did not best serve clients. At GEM, associate attorneys have close access to partners at all times, and partners spend time with them outside of the office to keep a family-like feel. At GEM, the partners are the last to leave the office, rather than the paralegals and associates. Additionally, each partner makes sure to be avaiable to both our clients and our employees on a daily basis. Where Erika previously focused on litigation, she now focuses on managing GEM, which just three years after establishment has over 30 employees, as well as serving as a child-expert in numerous capacities.