Amy M. Goscha

Kalamaya | Goscha
Amy M. Goscha, Esq., has earned her reputation as one of the leading Family Law Attorneys in the Denver area and Eagle County. Every day since 2008, she assists her clients in moving their lives to the next chapter. Amy is a Colorado native. Her passion for family law began at a young age when her own parents divorced. Currently, Amy is going through a divorce of her own and sharing the parenting time with her young child. Amy's passion for family law comes from her background in understanding what it is like as a child of divorce and as a party going through a divorce. Amy's compassion for her clients, their children, and their situations is enormous. Amy is invigorated with her area of practice because she is able to help clients every day move their lives to the next chapter. Amy was selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for the past eight consecutive years (2013-2021). Less than 2.5% of attorneys receive this honor in Colorado. Amy's side activities during COVID include running outside, strolling her son thru the park, and taking virtual barre classes. Amy and Ryan Kalamaya host Divorce at Altitude, a weekly podcast that provides tips and tactics to navigating divorce, parenting, relationships and breakups. Episodes include conversations with experts such as CPAs, mediations, custody evaluators, and more.