John . Nicoletti

Nicoletti-Flater Associates PLLP
John Nicoletti, PhD, ABPP, received his doctorate in psychology from Colorado State University.  Dr. Nicoletti is a Board Certified Specialist in Police and Public Safety Psychology. In addition to Police Psychology, Dr. Nicoletti specializes in identifying, assessing and defusing attack related behaviors and violence in various workplaces, campuses and schools.  In his other area of specialization, Dr. Nicoletti and his staff provide pre-employment psychological screenings for various law enforcement and fire department, as well as on site screenings at the U.S. bases of McMurdo and the South Pole in Antarctica. Dr. Nicoletti has written three books in the areas of violence, entitled Violence Goes to Work (1994); Violence Goes to College (2001), published by Charles C. Thomas; and Violence Goes to School (2002), National Education Services. Dr. Nicoletti provides national training and consultation to various university campuses and school districts.  He also consults nationally to various state and federal law enforcement agencies and private corporations.  In addition, he is also called upon to conduct individual direct and indirect risk assessments for municipalities, campuses and corporations.  Dr. Nicoletti was on-scene at the April 20, 1999 Columbine school shooting and the Platte Canyon High School shooting in September 2006.  He also responded to the Aurora Theater shooting in July 2012, and the Arapahoe High School shooting in December 2013.  He is on the Colorado Governor's Task Force on Expert Emergency Response and is past Chair of the Police Psychologist Section for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  Dr. Nicoletti has consulted with NASA on the development of analogues for long duration space missions.  Most recently Nicoletti-Flater Associates have been specializing in assisting departments in training and supervising the new generation employees.  Dr. Nicoletti also was selected to be part of a Harvard Medical School team studying the health and mental health services in the Outback of Australia.